Chan’s Dragon Inn in Ridgefield can be summed up in just three letters… O… M… G!!! I picked this place because I thought the reviews made it seem kitschy. Boy did I nail that one on the head. When you first walk into Chan’s Dragon Inn there is a framed… Continue Reading Chan’s Dragon Inn – The Penultimate Polynesian Palace

I actually visited the Boonton Historical Society’s museum a couple of weeks ago. This wasn’t a planned trip, I was aiming for a fireman’s museum. The guidebook I looked in had the wrong address for the fireman’s museum. They screwed up and listed the Boonton Historical Society address for both… Continue Reading Boonton Historical Society

Had breakfast this morning at Cloveberry, or as Siri kept calling it Clah-Vah-Berry. Siri really needs to work on her pronunciation. Cloveberry is a cute little cafe in Sparta. Perhaps a little hipsterish for ole JD to fit in, but they didn’t turn their nose up at me. They have local grown,… Continue Reading Cloveberry – Coffee, Food, Bakery

Last weekend I went Maple Sugaring. What’s that you ask? It’s the collecting of maple sap and making maple syrup. Why is called maple sugaring instead of maple syruping? Well, um, ah… hang on, did I seriously sit through an hour and a half presentation on the topic and they… Continue Reading Maple Sugaring

Breakfast at the Slamwich Scratch Kitchen I opted not to eat breakfast before heading out for my adventures. Last time I did that I stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast. I’m not sure how they do it, but McD’s has mastered the dry yet greasy biscuit. That’s not a good thing. This… Continue Reading Slamwich Scratch Kitchen